Friday, July 21, 2006

PIN Hell

Is anyone else having trouble remembering PINS or those pesky Logins and PWs? I have little pieces of paper all over my desk, stickies on my computer, and a drawer full of PINs. And when I need them the most, I can't find them, remember them, or come up with any remotely close facsimile. The secret handshake is driving me wild.

OK, so we know we shouldn't use the same ones for everything because that's how identity thieves get into our bank acccounts, credit cards, and who knows what else. So what in the hell do we do? This is a very aggravating problem. Memory tricks? Acronyms? Maybe. And what about the latest request--must include at least six figures of letters or numbers but at least one must be a number--is this a trick question?

Just think. Soon all the databases of the world will know my mother's maiden name, the city of my first elementary school, my favorite dog's name, and god knows what else. Make that "ours." What's a person to do?

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