Sunday, September 10, 2006

Exercise Prevents Fraility

The scientific evidence is so clear--keep exercising regularly throughout life to prevent fraility, among other commonly accepted conditions previously thought to be a natural part of aging. Guess what? These conditions appear not to be the consequence of years going by. A regiment of aerobic exercise and weight training is highly likely to prevent fraility and has been shown to be able to reverse it in several studies funded by the National Institute on Aging at NIH. The NIA wants to figure out why some people become frail as they age and to understand ways to prevent this vitality-zapping condition. In an article in today's San Francisco Chronicle, writer Alice Dembner of the Boston Globe, points out that, according to this NIH research, we "can throw out another convention of old age. Researchers are finding that fraility may not be the inevitable result of aging but rather is a preventable and perhaps treatable condition."

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Mona Johnson said...

Hi Sheryle,

Interesting blog! While I was researching Alzheimer's and dementia for my blog, I talked with Dr. Craig Atwood at the University of Wisconsin. According to him, rigorous exercise may also help to balance hormone levels ( Just another reason for us to get off the couch!

Sheryle said...

Thanks, Mona. You have a nice blog yourself, so nice that I'm adding yours to my list. I hope we can continue to discuss these issues, especially prevention. The hormone side of things is fascinating given all the contradictory swirl of information out there now.